About me

Puck Duits (1986) started playing the French bagpipe in 1996, after being impressed by the beautiful and characteristic sound of this instrument. She took lessons from different musicians, among others: Eric Montbel, Willem Schot, Jean-Pierre van Hees and Olle Geris. Puck Duits plays on bagpipes in G and A from Olle Geris and a Chabrette in B-flat from Marius Lutgerink. Besides participating in various music projects, she is a music teacher and member of ‘Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak’ since 2008, which is the Dutch national foundation for hurdy gurdy and bagpipe.

Music projects:
2014 up to now: quartet B4 together with three hurdy-gurdy players (René Meeuws, Joke van der Burg, Gaby Schreiner), playing early and modern music – http://www.b4muziek.nl/-
2004 up to now: duo with Niels Lammers (tuba)
2012: Music Meeting, cross-over project on Balkan music led by Gerwil Kusters
2012: ‘Muziek in de tent’: small tour around local bandstands with an ensemble of bagpipes, hurdy-gurdies and percussion
2010: ‘Spoenk’: self-initiated project together with Bartho Staalman (drums), containing new compositions for bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy, piano, guitar, bass, drums and a singer.
2008: First price at a music competition with a duo of French bagpipe and drums, at theater
Agnietenhof in Tiel (the Netherlands)
2006: ‘Streep’ a modern composition by Theo Hoek for bagpipe, hurdy gurdy, piano, bass and drums
2005: Winner of the prestigious competition for bagpipe solo in Saint Chartier (France)
2000: ‘Wind, reed, drones’ a composition by Klaas Hoek, performed at the Oerol Festival